Why It’s Important to Have a Home Inspection

June 26, 2017

Any major investment deserves a clear, informed decision-making process—especially when it comes to buying a new home. Not just because of the size of the transaction, but because the home buying process can be both exciting and hectic. Some buyers, especially those purchasing a home for the first time, risk getting so wrapped up in it that they forget to cover one crucial base: the maintenance concerns and overall condition of their target property.

A home inspection gives buyers the vital information they need to make an informed investment decision, as opposed to a home appraisal, which is more meant for bank financiers looking to assess a property’s value so they don’t lend too much. Home inspections dive deep to identify a home’s most pressing short and long-term maintenance needs for things like the interiors rooms, walls, ceilings and floors, inspection and test of the electrical system and its components, HVAC systems and built-in appliances, plumbing, exterior inspection of the roofing, siding, grading and foundational components.

To give you a better idea of the necessity of residential home inspections, here are several reasons why this process is so important for home buyers and sellers alike:

Debunking Assumptions About a Home

Too often, those involved in the home buying process rely on assumptions about a property based on its “looks” and age, especially when the abode in question is a new construction or has been “Totally or Partially Rehabbed” (Flipped). A newer home may have the most cutting-edge fixtures and equipment, but if they’re installed improperly, a buyer still risks being blindsided by costly repairs down the road and that goes double for a “Flipped” home with many of which having improper, incomplete or no permits for all the work that’s been done on it. A home inspector will test the functionality and durability of these key home components and give buyers a written report that specifically outlines any property issues.

Creating Negotiating Leverage for Buyers and Sellers

If a buyer has a written record of a home’s structural and maintenance issues, they can leverage that information to either negotiate a lower price or amend the price to accommodate for needed repairs—if the seller doesn’t agree to address those prior to closing a deal. A home inspection report also allows the buyer to insert terms in their purchase agreement that states the seller will assume responsibility for needed repairs, or at the very least, allow the buyer to back out of an agreement if serious structural or functional issues are identified during the inspection.

For the seller, a home inspection report can result in a daunting list of maintenance items or an affirmation of their home’s quality. If a seller ups their listing price based on a new, insulating roof they put in with the help of a metal roofing company in Madison, Wisconsin, or another area of the country prone to severe weather, a home inspection report would confirm the long-lasting strength and value of that feature—further justifying the uptick in price for prospective buyers.

Saving Money in the Long Run

The average national cost for a home inspection is just over $325. That figure can dip as low as $250 for smaller homes and condos, or rise as high as $500+ for larger estates. While it’s always hard to tack on additional expenses to an already expensive transaction, a home inspection is comparatively inexpensive compared to the maintenance costs and / or repairs a buyer could take on for issues they didn’t expect or identify themselves because of the lack of a professional inspection.

Since 2007 Advanced Look Property Inspections, LLC has been one of the Metro Orlando and surrounding areas preferred Condo, Townhouse and Single Family Home Inspectors and has inspected 100’s of 1,000’s of square feet of Real Estate in this area. There’s simply no better option than Advanced Look Property Inspections, LLC. We provide comprehensive inspections and reporting on over 400 distinct home items to give home buyers and sellers the best assessment of a property’s durability and functionality.

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