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We believe with Advanced Look Property Inspections, LLC that Life is Good and our goal is to protect your property by skillfully inspecting and pre-planning against problems both seen and unseen.
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Why do I need to hire a Home Watch Service? And ...
Why should I hire Advanced Look Property Inspections, LLC?

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What is your most valuable asset?
For most people it's their home.
Certainly, home owners who are leaving their home for a week or more do everything they can think of to secure and protect their home while they are away. But ...
A lot can happen to a vacant home in Florida. In the summer humidity soars from 80% to 90% and stays there.  We have lightening storms almost every day and the power goes off regularly. If you haven't set the water shut offs properly plumbing leaks can happen. Did you know that 3000 to 5000 gallons of water will flow through a ruptured toilet supply hose in 24 hours? Even more from a washer hose!!

Summer brings daily afternoon thunder storms with downpours and gusting winds. All it takes is for wind to lift a couple of roof shingles and water gets into the attic and then drips on the back of the ceiling in your living room. Mold will grow on the paper back of your ceiling drywall.
Have you heard the story of the homeowners who returned to their home in November to find green fuzzy mold growing on everything!? This happened because their A/C unit failed. High humidity, hot days and then cool nights made the moisture condense out of the air onto all the walls and contents inside the home. The result is mold growth.
Wouldn't you rest more easily with someone you trust regularly checking your home after the storm has passed?

The key to keeping a small loss small is quick response by someone who knows what to do and does it. Who better to do this, than a Certified Home Inspector!?! This is what you will get with ALPI's Home Watch Program. Give Jay or Sue a call and then rest, relax and have fun when you are away from your Florida home knowing Advanced Look Property Inspections, LLC will watch over your home.

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